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Note: This is a special post for #HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out). However, many of the same principles apply to other careers.

Being found online has become incredibly important to securing a job. I encourage everyone to create an online portfolio to showcase past work. After all, today’s employers are looking for results.

I’ve selected four online portfolios that have many of the qualities I’m seeking as a hiring manager.

1. Kaitlyn Dennihy

What I Like: Pretty much everything! The look, the layout, the content. Job well done!

2. Mikinzie Stuart

What I Like: Again, pretty much everything. I particularly like Mikinzie’s welcome message on the main page.

What I Don’t Like: The “Influenced By” section on the main page. I understand what she was going for (after being confused for a bit), but I think she should either remove that section entirely or move it to another section of the portfolio.

3. Melanie Stepanek

What I Like: Again, great welcome message and look.

What I Don’t Like: The organization. The links on the left hand side seem to be out of order. I would encourage her to think about how that could be improved.

4. Jessica Lawlor

What I Like: The organization — clean and simple.

What I Don’t Like: I think Jessica can better use the welcome message on the main page to say a little bit more than what the site contains (since we can see that along the top).

What do you think? What other advice would you give to these ladies?


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