5 Tips For Making Unpaid Internships Affordable

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If you’ve recently accepted an unpaid internship or an unpaid internship is your only option, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to support yourself when working for free. In a recent article by The Guardian, it was calculated that an unpaid internship could cost nearly $1,500 month in living expenses, keeping many young adults from participating. Clearly, unpaid internships come with a … Read More

How To Boost Your Reputation As The Intern

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When you’re the intern, you’re basically considered the new kid on the block. Regardless of how much experience you have going into your internship, your new boss and coworkers will expect you to be learning many skills for the first time. Every intern wants to make a positive first impression on their boss and coworkers. Whether it’s to receive a … Read More

5 Reasons To Take Your Supervisor To Lunch

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If you want your internship to jumpstart your career, it often depends on the relationships you build during your internship. These relationships can lead to positive references and letters of recommendation. To build relationships during your internship, it doesn’t hurt to get to know your boss a little better. By taking your supervisor out for lunch, it’ll provide a casual … Read More

How To Land Any Internship You Want

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Since you’re reading this blog post right now, you’ve probably been looking for an internship for quite some time. But have no fear because you’re about to learn some valuable information to help you land an internship before your friends! Searching for an internship can be a stressful and overwhelming process. By learning the right tips and knowing what steps to … Read More

How To Make Internships Fall Into Your Lap

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Do you watch your friends and classmates land internships without even trying? Do you ever wonder how you can obtain their magical powers? It’s very rare for internship opportunities to fall into your lap, however, it does happen more often than you think. The key to making opportunities happen for yourself is being proactive and involved in your internship search. … Read More

10 Soft Skills Every Intern Needs

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Did you know there’s a special skill set that nearly every employer looks for in an intern? Soft skill are some of the most important skills employers look for when hiring a Millennial, according to NACE. If you’re wondering what your soft skills are, they’re mostly intangible skills that reflect your personality and work ethic. Soft skills such as a positive … Read More

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Unpaid Internship

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Internships are practically a requirement for any young adult who wants to have a successful career after college. While many employers are taking steps toward providing paid internship opportunities, there are a number of organizations that can only provide unpaid internship programs. Although paid internships are ideal for most college students, unpaid internships can also provide priceless experience, skills, and connections. … Read More

5 Lessons From History’s Most Famous Interns

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Do you ever feel like your internship is a waste of time? Do you wish you could fast-forward through the coffee runs and paper filing, and get on with the rest of your career? Maybe it’s time to sit down and reflect on the experience you’re gaining as an intern. While internships often receive a bad reputation in the workplace, … Read More

6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Pursuing An Internship Lawsuit

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A few weeks ago, a former “Late Show” intern sued Dave Letterman and CBS for her unpaid internship with the company. However, this intern soon realized she made a mistake and issued an apology stating she would drop the lawsuit against Dave Letterman and CBS. Cases like this one serve as an excellent example of why young adults must be cautious … Read More

5 Ways To Prevent An Internship Lawsuit

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Earlier this month, a former CBS Late Night Show intern filed a class action complaint against CBS Broadcasting and Dave Letterman’s Worldwide Pants on behalf of herself and everyone who interned for the show. The former intern, who worked for the show in 2008, claimed she was performing the work of a paid employee, worked 40 hours, and didn’t receive academic credit … Read More