What All Interns Need To Wear To Be Taken Seriously In The Office

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Lily has just landed her dream internship. The only problem is, besides the outfit she wore to the interview, she has nothing to wear. Like many college students, she adopted the belief that the best learning occurs when you’re truly comfortable. Since she’s in her junior year, she doesn’t feel she needs to build a complete office ready wardrobe. Peter … Read More

5 Awesome Internships You Didn’t Know About

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When you picture what your internship will be like, what do you see? If your visions are full of coffee runs, filing paperwork, or any other mundane task, raise your expectations. Like many college students, Emily was content taking the first internship she could find at a local credit union. She thought she would be working in their marketing department, … Read More

What Not To Do If You Have No Summer Internship

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There’s no denying it in today’s world: internships matter. They give college students real-world experience and, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2014 Internship and Co-Op Survey Report released in April 2014, they help them get hired. Results from the survey showed that employers offered full-time positions to 64.8 percent of their interns, indicating how important an … Read More

Do You Have What It Takes To Land Any Internship?

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When Lauren was a teenager, she dreamed of becoming an Olympic skier. As Lauren got older, she realized she didn’t want to become an Olympic athlete, but remained very passionate about the organization. Once Lauren entered college, she discovered she really wanted to work as a communications specialist for Team USA. It’s Lauren’s junior year of college, and she’s preparing for her … Read More

How To Plan Your First International Internship

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Pack your bags and grab your passport, because you’re about to embark on a journey that will make a huge impact on your future! Imagine you’ve been given the opportunity to intern for a top public relations firm in London. For many college students, interning in London for three months would be a dream come true. Not only does it give … Read More

4 Places You Haven’t Looked For Internships

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Finding an internship is always a challenge for college students. Even if you’ve tapped in your university’s career center or job postings, it can be difficult to find an internship that’s the perfect match. When it comes to finding an internship that fits your professional needs and interests, you have to be innovative. The reality is, most internship postings aren’t advertised on … Read More

Avoid Saying These 7 Things When Interviewing For An Internship

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Interviewing for an internship is scary. Especially if it’s your first internship, it can be a really nerve-wracking step in your career. The goal of an interview is to impress the hiring manager and show him or her that you’re a great fit for the internship. Regardless of how much experience you have, this is your opportunity to allow your strongest skills and … Read More

5 Ways To Land A Useful Internship

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In today’s workforce, an internship is the golden ticket to a successful career for many young adults. Unfortunately, many college students and recent graduates find it challenging to land an internship that enables them to apply their skills learned in the classroom. According to new research by Gallup-Purdue University, one-third of recent graduates say they had an internship or job in … Read More

How To Pay For Your Unpaid Internship

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If you’ve recently accepted an unpaid internship or an unpaid internship is your only option, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to support yourself when working for free. In a recent article by The Guardian, it was calculated that an unpaid internship could cost nearly $1,500 month in living expenses, keeping many young adults from participating. Clearly, unpaid internships come with a … Read More

How To Boost Your Reputation As The Intern

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When you’re the intern, you’re basically considered the new kid on the block. Regardless of how much experience you have going into your internship, your new boss and coworkers will expect you to be learning many skills for the first time. Every intern wants to make a positive first impression on their boss and coworkers. Whether it’s to receive a … Read More