5 Alternatives To Finding An Internship

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Didn’t get a chance to snag an internship for the upcoming academic year? No worries! It isn’t too late to find an alternative that will still provide you with great experience. Here are some ideas to help you gain experience this year without an internship: 1. Study abroad. Well, maybe you won’t be off to Germany next month, but at … Read More

How To Land A Hot Startup Internship

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Landing an internship at a startup is a dream many college students and young professionals have. Whether it’s having the opportunity to work on cool mobile apps or working in a trendy office, many college students would love to be a startup intern. Although most college students think these internships are just a dream, there are  several things you can do … Read More

What It’s Like To Intern At Top Companies

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For nearly every college student, it’s a dream to intern for a Fortune 500 company. Since Fortune 500 internships can be difficult secure, it makes one curious if these rumors are really true about how awesome it is to work for a company like Google or Apple. For those of you who wonder what it’s like to work at some … Read More

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Interns

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Whether you’re just starting your summer internship or you’ve been with your employer for a month now, you’re probably wondering what you can do stand out as the best intern your employer has ever hired. With today’s pressure of having to turn an internship into a job upon completion, interns will do what it takes to impress their employers. If … Read More

How To Prepare For The Last Month Of Your Summer Internship

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We’re about half-way for summer, which means you’re at the peak of your summer internship. By now you’re probably settled into your position and feeling pretty comfortable with your routine. Hopefully, you’re also learning a variety of new skills and soaking up every bit of information you can! As you continue to work through your internship, it’s a good idea to … Read More

How To Decipher Internship Postings

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Although summer is in full swing, college students are still looking for the perfect internship for the upcoming fall semester. Finding an internship, whether it’s in the fall, spring, or summer, can be a challenge. First, it’s difficult to find an internship for which you might qualify. Second, it’s also a challenge to find a quality internship that compensates you and treats … Read More

Should the Federal Government Monitor Unpaid Internships?

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A recent report in Canada suggests their federal government should track unpaid internships to reduce exploitation. What if the United States adopted a similar theory and paid closer attention to the regulation of unpaid internships? According to InternMatch’s 2014 Intern Report, 68.5 percent of college students believe internships should be mandatory. If this many college students see the value in internships, … Read More

How To Negotiate Your Internship Salary

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This year, only 48.3 percent of internships were paid, according to the InternMatch 2014 Intern Report. The survey also revealed college students who complete paid internships are three times more likely to land a job than those who completed an unpaid internship. This is why it’s important for more college students to get what they want out of internships by … Read More

7 Signs Your Internship Isn’t Worth Your Time

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Internships are an awesome way for college students to launch their careers. In fact, college students who perform at least three internships are twice as likely to land a job than those who’ve only completed one internship. Today’s workforce practically requires every college student to gain professional experience before landing an entry-level job. One of the options college students have … Read More

How To Discover The Industry You Want To Enter

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It’s not always easy figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, especially when you’re still in college. There’s a lot more pressure for today’s average college student. Not only do you have to balance classes, school, and a social life, but also you have to figure out what type of career you want to have … Read More