How To Find An Intern Who Will Do Great Things

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The time is takes to hire is growing longer, according to a new survey by Glassdoor. The average interview process now spans 22.9 days in the U.S. Add four to nine days onto that for Germany, France and the U.K. Overall, the results show a 3.3 to 3.7 day increase since 2009. This could mean bad news if you’re looking … Read More

Should the Federal Government Monitor Unpaid Internships?

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federal government and unpaid internships

A recent report in Canada suggests their federal government should track unpaid internships to reduce exploitation. What if the United States adopted a similar theory and paid closer attention to the regulation of unpaid internships? According to InternMatch’s 2014 Intern Report, 68.5 percent of college students believe internships should be mandatory. If this many college students see the value in internships, … Read More

6 Reasons Interns Are Indispensible Labor

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It’s no surprise that, over the last year, there’s been a growing perception that interns are viewed as cheap or free labor. A number of well-known organizations such as Conde Nast, Fox Searchlight, and even the federal government have compensated their interns for very little income or nothing at all. This growing trend in the internship workforce has caused interns to … Read More

5 Hypocritical Organizations Denouncing, And Then Offering, Unpaid Internships

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hypocritical internship program

Although most college students and employers agree internships are a necessity for a successful career, the internship debate continues as organizations boast their unpaid internships. College students do internships to gain experience. If these students want to succeed, they need to learn valuable skills. The only way they’re going to learn these skills is by applying what they learn in … Read More

Diversity Report: Is Your Internship Program Doing Enough?

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It should be a no-brainer that your internship program needs to promote diversity. This month, InternMatch released its 2014 Internship Diversity report. It revealed some impressive stats about employers who are committed to increasing diversity in the workplace by recruiting interns of different backgrounds. Here are some highlights from the report: 81 percent of companies plan on hiring diverse candidates … Read More

5 Ways To Energize Your Internship Program

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The energy of your internship program can determine the success of your interns and what they accomplish while working for your company. Internships that attract the most talented college students are the ones that provide energetic, exciting, and rewarding opportunities. Colleges students don’t just want a mediocre experience, they want to have an internship that helps them grow professionally and … Read More