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Networking has always been a key to success in the job search—and social media is a prime way to build mutually beneficial relationships while on the hunt for a new job. These relationships can lead you to unadvertised job openings, help you gain knowledge and understanding of your industry, and even land you a referral to a company you’d love to work at.

Getting Started

If you don’t already have a presence on the top social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), set up an account on each one you plan on using for your career and job search. You might also choose to blog—so search around for the right platform for you. If you already have accounts on any of these sites, make sure that it’s appropriate for your job search. You never know when a potential employer might be looking! Delete the questionable content or change your privacy settings to make your online presence as professional as possible.

Completely fill out your biography, about me section, interests, skills, etc. Many recruiters and employers use search tools to find candidates that match the job description using keywords and phrases. Share your experience, education and accomplishments in your profile to help employers learn the most they possibly can about you.

Use a similar handle across networks. Make it easy for others to find you on whichever platform they use by using your first and last name in your unique URL or as your handle. If you have a common name, consider differentiating yourself by incorporating your skills or profession into your username. To check username availability across multiple platforms, use tools like KnowEm or NameChk.

Upload a professional profile photo. Help others get to know you by putting a photo in your profile. A close-up, professional headshot should do the trick.

Social Media & Your Job Search

Why do you need social media profiles to be successful in your job search? Well, there are a few reasons:

Networking opportunities. Eighty percent (or more) of job opportunities come through some form of networking—and I truly believe that networking is one of the most important tools in your job search toolkit. Meet new contacts from across the world by engaging in conversation on social media and participating in chats, groups and more.

Professional online presence. Employers today are screening candidates based on their online reputational data—profiles, search results, websites, photos, and anything else they can find that’s attached to your name. Proactively creating professional results shows that you’re serious about your job search and career.

Thought leadership. Show that you’re committed to your career by positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Write blog posts pertaining to recent trends in your field, share advice from other thought leaders and participate in online groups and chats.

Connect directly with employers. Recruiters, hiring managers and CEOs are now active on social media. Read their blog, connect with them on LinkedIn or Twitter, and comment on the content they share. It’s easier than ever to build relationships with folks you might never meet in real life—take advantage of it!

Tips for Successful Social Networking

  • Focus on building mutually beneficial relationships—don’t just connect with people that can help you. Think about how you can help them, too.
  • Regularly post interesting articles, photos, videos and other content to stay visible online.
  • Don’t spam your network by constantly talking about yourself.
  • Look for folks in your industry and geographic area to follow and connect with.
  • Dedicate a portion of your day to your maintaining your online presence, following new people, thanking others for sharing your content, etc.

Do you have a story to share about how social media helped you land a new job? What other tips would you share with job seekers?

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  • Debra Wheatman, CPRW

    I love your writing style Heather.  Great article.  Well organized and helpful information for job seekers.


  • Upendra Topiwala

    How much time should one spend on your branding cf actual job hunting…? Isn’t the latter better…?

  • Nicholas Gronow

    Yes, expand your thinking to helping others so that they in turn see the value you bring to the table.  This not only markets you to them at the same time, it reveals more about you and builds trust. 

  • allen ethan

    hi Heather… your posts are very nice.. it is wonderful the see that you are helping all for searching jobs.even i know a website where somebody can find excellent opportunity on modeling and event jobs.. i want  to share that with you…




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