1. What is your personal definition of an internship?
  2. In chapter 1, Heather explores controversial internships. Do you feel that these should be regulated or up to the company to decide?
  3. Internships are the newest “bottom rung” on the ladder to an entry-level job. Do you feel that this new standard is appropriate?
  4. In chapter  3, Heather explores characteristics of a good internship program. What qualities do you look for in a good internship program?
  5. In chapter 4, Heather lays out steps to create an internship program. If you were to design an internship, what would it entail?
  6. It’s common for students to take on multiple internships in their college and post-grad years. How many internships should someone have? How many is too many?
  7. In chapter 5, Heather evaluates current internship laws. Do you think the laws that regulate internships are effective? If you could, how would you change them?
  8. Colleges and universities have been given the responsibility to regulate for-credit internships. Is this justified? What kind of role should colleges have in internships?
  9. In chapter 6, Heather discusses the bad internship. Have you ever experienced a “bad internship”? What made it “bad” and how did you handle the situation?
  10. Internships allow interns to “sample” a company before jumping into an industry. Do you agree? Why?
  11. If you were an employer, would you only take on as many interns as there are open positions? Why or why not?