The only topics I currently cover:

  • Employer advice (HR, recruiting, hiring, employee engagement/retention) for C-suite leaders and HR professionals
    • Please note I do not cover specific industries (restaurant, tech, etc.), so don’t pitch me industry-specific stories
  • Infertility for those who have been diagnosed

I currently write for:

I also host the twice-weekly podcast Beat Infertility, which features guest experts every Friday.

Pitching tips:

  • I am most interested in personal stories — not advice. If you also have advice, that’s fine, but the story should be primary. The more specifics you provide, the better (names, timeframe, metrics, etc.). I’d rather you provide too much information than too little.
  • I am also incredibly interested in original research. Love me some data! Yes, I’m a total nerd. However, when pitching a research report, don’t pre-pitch me. Just send me the report once it’s live online. I will not even review new data until it can be accessed by my readers. Don’t plan to ever publish the data online? Then don’t reach out at all about it.
  • Please do not send me any attachments in your initial outreach.
  • Don’t pitch me on subject matter experts. Again, I’m most interested in stories (especially data-based stories). Of course, your expert can be part — even a crucial part — of the story, but the pitch itself should clearly communicate the overall story my audience would consume as the final product.
  • My editors at both Entrepreneur and Inc. require I quote at least three people in every story. So, your story angle is most likely to be covered if you can provide (or help connect me with) at least three people who can discuss it.
  • If I’m interested in your pitch, I conduct all interviews via email. Don’t suggest or offer phone/Skype interviews. (The exception here, of course, is when you’re pitching an interview for the Beat Infertility podcast!)
  • I’m always seeking 100% original quotes.
  • Don’t follow up immediately. Let me sit with the information for at least a week, maybe longer. I don’t mind follow up, but my goodness, sometimes people ping me again a mere couple hours after the first email. That’s too aggressive and only serves to further inundate my inbox.
  • Pitching a book? Please do not mail me an unsolicited copy of your author’s book. Reach out to me first (following all the previous tips, of course) and be prepared to send me an electronic (Kindle version preferred) copy instead. Note that I do not write book reviews.

I am easily accessible via email, so that’s the best place to reach me.