Recommended Reading: Internships Aren’t Just For College Kids

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NY Times Unpaid Internship
NY Times Unpaid Internship

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Every Monday, I start the week with internship news you need to know. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current.

Colleges, Employers Rethink Internship Policies: In recent years, internships have become a near-necessity for college students trying to stand out in a brutal job market. Although some positions provide valuable work experience, critics maintain that internships often amount to little more than unpaid labor. Read more.

Internships Aren’t Just For College Kids: Midlife career changers face the same Catch-22 as recent college grads: You can’t get hired in a new field without experience, but you can’t get experience unless someone hires you first. Read more. 

Do Facebook Interns Get To Meet Zuckerberg? One intern at Facebook shares his encounters with Mark Zuckerberg. Read more. 

One School Fights Back Against Unpaid Internships: Amy Bravo, assistant dean of career services at the New York Institute of Technology, has become known in career-services circles for her success converting unpaid jobs into paid ones. Read more. 

The Unhappy Rise Of The Millennial Intern: In recent years, internships remain as prevalent as ever, but their ability to confer a real career has faded along with the economy. Read more.

If there is a piece of internship news that was missed this week, please comment below. 

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