• The Walt Seifert Public Relations Student Society
    The Ohio State University
    Your presentation was a perfect fit for what our board members were hoping to provide for our PRSSA members and students across campus. You were wonderful to work with and we hope future PRSSA boards will keep you in mind when they plan a new event in the future. We admire your commitment to helping students discover and create opportunities of their own. We welcome multiple speakers each quarter, and your presentation was definitely one of the most memorable.
  • Sarah Siewert
    Director of Prof. Development
    PRSA New Professionals Section
    As a respected mentor and valuable resource in the young professionals community, Ms. Huhman served as an ideal featured speaker. She demonstrated her ability to connect with our members, and present her extensive knowledge during her presentation. Having the opportunity to hear from speakers such as Ms. Huhman extremely increases the value of our Section membership. Her passion for helping new professionals achieve their career goals was palpable during her presentation, and was proven through her willingness to dedicate her time to PRSA. I would highly recommend Ms. Huhman for future speaking engagements.
  • Denisha Sanders, Ph.D.
    Director of Career Services
    University of NC-Pembroke
    The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have heard from students, speakers, and other participants that the event was very successful in providing specific, practical advice as well as overall guidance related to the job search and to achieving success in the professional world. We know that your involvement added a great deal to the experience of the attendee and for that we are very grateful.
  • Rachel Sprung
    Chapter President
    Boston University PRSSA
    Many conference participants had connected with Heather previously through her LinkedIn group and Twitter advice. Her session was highly requested by participants who had read her blog, followed her on Twitter, and received emails from her and wanted to officially meet her in person. And they were not disappointed. For days after the conference, participants were still tweeting about her presentation and advice. The Boston University's Public Relations Student Society of America chapter hosts many professionals, and Heather was definitely one of the best.

Heather is available to speak to both student and employer groups. All presentations are customized and can range in length from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your needs. Although Heather does occasionally speak on a pro bono basis, if the speaking engagement is in-person, all of her travel and accommodations must be paid by the booking individual/organization.

She can lead the following types of presentations:

  • Live online discussion (archivable)
  • Webinar (archivable)
  • In-person speech (30 minutes)
  • In-person workshop (1-3 hours)
  • In-person seminar (1-3 hours)

Contact Heather to inquire about rates and availability.


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