7 Ways Your Internship Is Different From The Classroom

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As you prepare for your first internship, you’re probably worried about what to expect during your experience. Internships are a wonderful opportunity for college students because they allow you to apply what you learned in the classroom to a real-world setting. In addition, internships give you the chance to build your resume and set yourself up for success after college. … Read More

8 Internship Search Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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You know that sinking feeling when all your friends have secured their summer internships, but you’re still sitting here waiting for your opportunity to come? Although you’re very happy for your friends who landed their dream summer internships, you’re extremely frustrated your persistence hasn’t paid off. You’ve searched and applied for every internship possible, had a professional review your resume, and … Read More

The Truth Behind Entry-Level Internships

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When it comes to finding your first internship, you can’t pressure yourself too much to find the perfect one. Many college students and recent graduates feel pressured to land their “ultimate dream internship.” However, they end up becoming consumed by the type of company for which they want to work. When this happens, college students forget about the experience they … Read More

Internships: Do You Want A Job Or Not?

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A recent Forbes article written by J. Maureen Henderson argues internships aren’t worth it. Henderson explains the work performed during an internship doesn’t provide you with useful skills, internships are too expensive, and chances are they won’t even land you a job. Want to know why internships are worth it? Nearly 74 percent of employers prefer candidates with work experience. This is why … Read More

Recommended Reading: Inside Scoop From Apple Interns

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Every Friday, I end the week with a wrap-up, bringing you the top news about internships. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current. Paid Internships Can Deliver Gains for Youngsters: There is an increasing need for meaningful internships, and these opportunities should be open to college students based upon skills and potential. Read more.  How … Read More

4 Reasons Experience Is The Best Teacher

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Much of what we know and understand has been learned through experience. Whether it was time spent in a classroom or having experiences out in the world, much of what we learn is accomplished through doing and interacting with others. Throughout your career, experience is going to be one of the most important teachers you have. Most of us have learned through … Read More

Did You Know Internships Are Truly Beneficial For Your Future?

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Has someone ever told you your internship is going to hurt your career? If so, hopefully you think that sounds absolutely ridiculous. One journalism college student from Azusa Pacific University shared her view on how she believes internships shouldn’t be required, at least for credit. Annie Z. Yu has completed several internships and sees their value but doesn’t think students … Read More

Does Your Internship Program Promote Diversity?

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By now I’m sure most of you are aware of the ongoing unpaid internship debate on Capitol Hill. From the intern who created her own crowdfunding campaign to get to D.C. to the thousands of unpaid interns who work at the capitol each year, it’s definitely not easy landing your dream internship when you can’t afford it. So with all … Read More

5 Benefits Of School Year Internships

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Want in on a little secret? I’m going to show you how you can gain more internship experience than ever imagined. Many college students think they can only complete internships during the summer because they’re often told that’s the best time to gain experience. Sure, while summer internships are ideal for many college students, most of them are missing out … Read More

6 Pros And Cons Of Credit-Only Internships

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There’s no doubt internships are the best way for college students to get a jumpstart on their careers while in school. Many colleges and universities across the country require their students to do internships as a graduation requirement, while others don’t. In a recent article featured on USA Today, many colleges across the country are throwing up roadblocks for students who want to … Read More