Recommended Reading: Tech Internships Lack Diversity

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NY Times Unpaid Internship

Every Monday, I start the week with the internship news you need to know. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current. Numbers of Students Taking Internships Rises Only Slightly: The number of recent graduates who completed an internship that applied what they were learning in college has increased only slightly from a previous generation, … Read More

Diversity Report: Is Your Internship Program Doing Enough?

Heather R. HuhmanEmployer Advice

It should be a no-brainer that your internship program needs to promote diversity. This month, InternMatch released its 2014 Internship Diversity report. It revealed some impressive stats about employers who are committed to increasing diversity in the workplace by recruiting interns of different backgrounds. Here are some highlights from the report: 81 percent of companies plan on hiring diverse candidates … Read More

Does Your Internship Program Promote Diversity?

Heather R. HuhmanCandidate Advice

By now I’m sure most of you are aware of the ongoing unpaid internship debate on Capitol Hill. From the intern who created her own crowdfunding campaign to get to D.C. to the thousands of unpaid interns who work at the capitol each year, it’s definitely not easy landing your dream internship when you can’t afford it. So with all … Read More