Diversity Report: Is Your Internship Program Doing Enough?

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It should be a no-brainer that your internship program needs to promote diversity. This month, InternMatch released its 2014 Internship Diversity report. It revealed some impressive stats about employers who are committed to increasing diversity in the workplace by recruiting interns of different backgrounds. Here are some highlights from the report: 81 percent of companies plan on hiring diverse candidates … Read More

How This Summer Will Predict Internships Of 2014

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Now that the summer of unpaid internships, lawsuits, and disgruntled employers are long behind us, there are some new things we can look forward to in the future of internships. It’s not easy to say what the future of internships will look like for sure; however, what we can predict is the fact unpaid internships will be on their way … Read More

6 Pros And Cons Of Credit-Only Internships

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There’s no doubt internships are the best way for college students to get a jumpstart on their careers while in school. Many colleges and universities across the country require their students to do internships as a graduation requirement, while others don’t. In a recent article featured on USA Today, many colleges across the country are throwing up roadblocks for students who want to … Read More

Is Higher Education Ruining The Future Of The Workplace?

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For many college students, internships are realtively easy to apply and earn credit for, unless you attend Penn State. According to a recent article by Jody Freinkel of The Daily Pennsylvanian, students at Penn State may have a difficult time finding internships because of the multiple hoops they have to go through to have their internship approved by their school. Because … Read More