Does Your Internship Guarantee A Promising Future?

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hypocritical internship program

In preparation for the working world, 72 percent of up-and-coming grads completed an internship, apprenticeship, or co-op, according to a new study conducted in March by Accenture. The study analyzed responses from students graduating in 2015 as well as those from the class of 2013 and 2014. They found young professionals’ expectations of the working world don’t always align with … Read More

Recommended Reading: Your Best Bet After Graduating

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NY Times Unpaid Internship

Every Monday, I start the week with the internship news you need to know. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current. Are Internships the Only Way for Recent Grads to Get Entry-Level Jobs? In industries like engineering, graphic design, communications, and IT, internship postings make up a large share of the entry-level job openings. For … Read More

The Truth Behind Entry-Level Internships

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When it comes to finding your first internship, you can’t pressure yourself too much to find the perfect one. Many college students and recent graduates feel pressured to land their “ultimate dream internship.” However, they end up becoming consumed by the type of company for which they want to work. When this happens, college students forget about the experience they … Read More