Experience Is Experience. Period.

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Experience isn’t something you just create — it’s something you learn from, too. We all know college students do internships so they can gain experience and learn the skills needed in order to have a successful career. Regardless of the types of internships you have, every experience gives you a valuable lesson learned that can help you down the road. … Read More

Internships: Do You Want A Job Or Not?

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A recent Forbes article written by J. Maureen Henderson argues internships aren’t worth it. Henderson explains the work performed during an internship doesn’t provide you with useful skills, internships are too expensive, and chances are they won’t even land you a job. Want to know why internships are worth it? Nearly 74 percent of employers prefer candidates with work experience. This is why … Read More

4 Tips For Your Post-Grad Internship Search

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If you’re a college senior, you’ve probably had many bugs put in your ear about your post-grad job search. Unfortunately, this search hasn’t been easy — in fact, it seems impossible to find a job. Those of you who didn’t gain much internship experience in college may struggle of finding work after graduation the most. In today’s job market, employers … Read More

4 Little-Known Factors That Could Hurt Your Internship Search

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No one can argue searching for an internship isn’t stressful or frustrating. However, what can add even more stress to your search is not knowing about some factors that could be hurting it. Although some of the things hurting your internship search are obvious (such as procrastinating), there are some less obvious factors that could be doing some serious damage … Read More

How To Deal With An Internship You Don’t Love

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Sometimes, accepting an internship can feel like a gamble. You never know what’s in store until you actually begin. Whether you’re looking for your first or second internship, you can never know what to expect from the experience. Unfortunately, some internships can be deceiving. Some may seem like amazing opportunities, but it’s not until you become hired when you discover … Read More

The Top 5 Internship Interview Mistakes

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Right now, you know it’s a good idea to find a summer internship. You’ve been applying to different positions, keeping your fingers crossed, and now, your luck has finally come through — you landed your first interview for an internship! Now it’s time for you to get your interview game on. If you want to land an internship, you need to … Read More

Interns: Experience More, Fear Less

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Interns, listen up. Whether you’ve recently completed an internship or you’re about to embark on one this semester, it’s time for you to stop living in fear of finding internship experience and start putting yourself out there in the real world. Internships are an excellent way for you to get a taste of what the real world is like. You … Read More

The College Student’s Guide To Freelance Work

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Freelance work presents a great opportunity for busy college students. Not only is freelancing a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side while in college, but also you can build your portfolio and gain valuable experience that can lead to future internship opportunities. Right now, you’re taking the classes you need in order to be successful … Read More

5 Ways To Energize Your Internship Program

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The energy of your internship program can determine the success of your interns and what they accomplish while working for your company. Internships that attract the most talented college students are the ones that provide energetic, exciting, and rewarding opportunities. Colleges students don’t just want a mediocre experience, they want to have an internship that helps them grow professionally and … Read More

How To Gain Control Of Your Internship Search

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Does it feel like you’ve been searching and applying for internships non-stop, yet haven’t had any luck? When searching for internships, you shouldn’t feel like you’re wasting your time. However, if this is true for you, then it could be a sign you need to gain back control of your search. Searching for internships is truly what you make of … Read More