Recommended Reading: How To Spot The Worst Intern Problems

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NY Times Unpaid Internship

Every Monday, I start the week with the internship news you need to know. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current. Top 10 Dilemmas that Make Internship Hell: Internships aren’t meant to be easy, but that doesn’t mean their little demons should catch you off guard. Let this list of top internships dilemmas help … Read More

How To Tell If Your Unpaid Internship Will Be A Good Experience

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A recent article brings clarity to the long discussion about unpaid internships: An unpaid internship is legal as long as it is educational. “The purpose of a bona fide internship is to integrate classroom learning with practical skill development in a real-world setting,” Circuit Judge John Walker reportedly stated in the article. But, what exactly defines an internship experience like … Read More

5 Things About Your Internship You’ll Regret In 5 Years

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internship search mistakes

Think your only regret after college will be not going to class more? Think again. What most college students regret has more to do with not gaining the experience they needed to prepare them for the real world. In fact, half of college graduates feel this way, according to a study by Pew Research Center released in February 2014. With … Read More

Here’s How To Take Great #Selfies At Your Internship

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Selfies have been given a bad rap. Maybe it’s all the late nights filled with poor judgment, or the misconception they’re fishing for compliments through displaying the perfect down-angle view of a “serious” face. But selfies also document our experiences — and when taken with professionalism in mind, they offer a creative solution for showcasing your accomplishments at your internships. … Read More

5 Ways Internship Experience Is More Important Than A Degree

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As college students head home for summer, many are faced with the decision of what to do with their free time. Most college students will take on a summer job, while others may stay on campus to attend summer classes. On the other hand, there’s a percentage of students who’ll begin their summer internships and gain experience to advance their … Read More