Recommended Reading: Best Internships Of 2015

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NY Times Unpaid Internship

Every Monday, I start the week with the internship news you need to know. These articles highlight the latest trends about internships to help you stay current. Intern Deluxe: The Rise of New Media Fellowships: As media companies tighten up their internship programs, more organizations such as The Huffington Post are offering fellowships instead of internships. Read more.  Psychology School Lands $750,000 Federal Grant … Read More

5 Ways To Prevent An Internship Lawsuit

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Earlier this month, a former CBS Late Night Show intern filed a class action complaint against CBS Broadcasting and Dave Letterman’s Worldwide Pants on behalf of herself and everyone who interned for the show. The former intern, who worked for the show in 2008, claimed she was performing the work of a paid employee, worked 40 hours, and didn’t receive academic credit … Read More