5 Things About Your Internship You’ll Regret In 5 Years

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Think your only regret after college will be not going to class more? Think again. What most college students regret has more to do with not gaining the experience they needed to prepare them for the real world. In fact, half of college graduates feel this way, according to a study by Pew Research Center released in February 2014. With … Read More

5 Reasons To Take Your Supervisor To Lunch

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If you want your internship to jumpstart your career, it often depends on the relationships you build during your internship. These relationships can lead to positive references and letters of recommendation. To build relationships during your internship, it doesn’t hurt to get to know your boss a little better. By taking your supervisor out for lunch, it’ll provide a casual … Read More

How To Score An Internship Over The Holidays

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Winter break is quickly approaching and if you’re like most students, you can’t wait for the much-needed free time. Instead of spending hours in the library studying, you’ll finally have some time to breathe and get over the stress of final exams. But holiday parties and family gatherings aren’t only for relaxation. You can use the holidays as an opportunity … Read More

5 Ways To Ensure Your Networking Email Gets Read

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When it comes to writing emails, networking emails can be one of the most challenging emails to create. Networking emails are simply a challenge because most of the time you are reaching out to someone you’d like to make contact with, yet have never met in person. On the other hand, you could be writing your networking email to simply … Read More