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Last Friday, my dog, Mackenzie, was attacked by another dog in our neighborhood. It was an incredibly frightening experience. (Before I go any further, don’t worry, everyone’s fine.)

To make a long story short, the other dog originated from another street and ran up behind us — so we didn’t know he was coming. All of a sudden, there he was, foaming at the mouth while he snarled, barked, and bit at Mackenzie. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to get a hold of the other dog, whose owner was nowhere to be seen.

Adrenaline pumping and anger-fueled, I quickly walked the other dog by its leash to the end of the street in the direction from which he came. There, I spotted the owner, still engrossed in a conversation with another woman. I’ll admit that I lost it on her — yelling about how irresponsible it was to not chase after the dog once it had gotten loose. Her reaction? She says nothing, grabs her dog’s leash, and goes back to her conversation.

Yesterday, Mackenzie and I ran into the same dog, but this time, a teen/twenty-something was walking him. The dog immediately went nuts. I told the guy that his dog had attacked me, Mackenzie, and my husband the previous Friday because I wasn’t sure if he or the other lady was the actual owner. At first, he denied the attack even took place. Once he did admit that it actually happened, his response to me was, “It sounds like dogs being dogs.”

Sorry, but an unleashed (or in this case, leashed but without a human at one end) dog attacking a leashed dog and its owners is not “dogs being dogs” — it’s you (the unleashed dog’s owner) being irresponsible.

What does all of this have to do with your job search?

Don’t be this unleashed dog’s owner — take responsibility for your career. When a dog escapes your control, the normal reaction is to go after it. In your job search, once you unleash your job application into the hands of a hiring manager or recruiter, go after it!

As Jameelah Brown commented in my LinkedIn group:

Stop waiting for someone to call you back. We have to realize that they have many people that have applied and it’s our job to followup and stay on it.

Well said.


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