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Patient success
is clinic success.


About you

You have the humbling and meaningful responsibility of helping people become parents. You manage this sensitive calling with utmost delicacy and care for your patients, but it is more difficult by the day with the increasing:
  • Knowledge gap between you and your patients. Your patients don’t know what they don’t know, so they rely heavily on Dr. Google.
  • Demand for clinics that can showcase their success in helping patients achieve their dreams in the fastest time possible.
  • Availability of treatment plans and options for parents willing to do anything — even relocate — giving your patients the opportunity to shop around at the first hint of a setback.
  • Competition on the market, forcing you to offer innovative and creative solutions that go beyond “cookie cutter” fertility treatments.
  • Burden placed on your already overwhelmed nursing staff. Your nurses not only manage treatment, but they often play the role of WebMD, mental health professional, insurance expert, and friend.
Now, you, your staff, and your patients face the added complexity of the:
  • Forced suspension of new treatment cycles and elective procedures until further notice, wreaking havoc on your revenue.
  • Inconsistent market response around the management of current treatment cycles — with some providers defying shutdown orders — increasing pressure on clinics that comply.
  • Increasing need to engage with and deliver value to your patients, so they come back to you and not your competitor as soon as they can.
  • Unknown reopening plans and timelines making it difficult to plan for when and how you will operate when the patients start to come back.
  • Unpredictable nature of what reopening will look like and how it will affect you, your patients, and your staff.
  • Rapidly changing safety guidelines making it difficult to protect the safety of your clinic and your patients.
  • Fierce desire of your patients — who know that their clock is ticking — to have a plan to beat infertility, when you don’t even know when you’ll be able to treat them again.

How can you possibly manage it all?

By referring your current and prospective patients to an industry-leading expert who can fill the missing link between you and your patients — at NO COST to you.

Why partner with an infertility coach?

I help people who dream of becoming parents to navigate the complicated world of fertility treatments and other paths to parenthood.

You don't know what you don't know.

Your Clinic

Infertility Coach

The missing link between your clinic and your patients

Your Patients

Your patients need an action plan. Your patients need to beat infertility. I can help them — and you — do that. Faster.


  • Improved success rates. Over and over, my clients tend to get pregnant faster because they make better-informed, evidence-based decisions without consulting Dr. Google, blogs, and forums. By increasing their chance of success, you improve your clinic’s success statistics.
  • Improved patient health and wellbeing. With an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices, stress reduction, and overall wellness, I support and encourage your patients as they adopt a fertility-boosting lifestyle.
  • Increased client referrals. With faster success, our shared clients will naturally refer you more. In addition, I only recommend clinics that I have personally vetted and believe to be the best in the country. My clients don’t hesitate to push geographical boundaries — with my trusted guidance, support, and recommendation — to achieve their dream of becoming a parent.
  • Patient retention. When your patients have someone by their side who has walked in their shoes — helping them set goals, make informed decisions, and listen to and validate their emotions — they are more willing to try again if a cycle does fail.
  • Set your clinic apart. Individual whole-person-based coaching helps round out and address all of your patient’s potential needs while setting your clinic apart. At NO COST ever to you, make it easier for patients to choose you… by simply handing them my business card or adding my info to your website.
  • Shift the burden of figuring out infertility off of your patients and your nurses. I help your patients sift through and make sense of all the medical records, doctor’s notes, and treatment plans. I help them ask the right questions. I follow up with your patients after their appointments, answering the non-medical questions that currently burden your doctors and nurses.




I have been in your patients' shoes.

5 Years

3 Retrievals

7 Embryo Transfers

4 Miscarriages

2 Stillbirths

1 Live Birth

My Coaching Methodology

Helping your patients beat infertility. FASTER.

Your patients have been on a long and hard road trying to become parents. But you and I both know that their journey is not over.

Beating infertility is possible when your patients are empowered, educated, and in control of their care and treatment plan.

How do I help your patients become parents faster? By arming them with:




Fertility treatments mean that your patients have to become nurses overnight, with zero training and no education. As a result, they are heavily reliant on your already overwhelmed nursing staff. I help your patients get answers to questions they didn’t even know needed to be asked to help make scientifically-based, well-informed decisions about their next steps.

  • Recommending clinics and/or doctors based on each client’s unique situation
  • Virtually/remotely attending consults and appointments as your patient’s advocate
  • Debriefing with patients after all consults and appointments to ensure all information and options were understood
  • Brainstorming questions to ask during and after appointments
  • And more!




Wishing is the belief that your patients’ goal — building a family — will simply manifest into reality. Hope, on the other hand, is the belief that the future will be better than the present and your patients have the power to make it so. Together, I’ll help your patients build a hopeful mindset so they can — in partnership with you — seize control of their future.

  • Developing a unique approach that works for each patient, with the goal of opening their mind — over time — to the possibility that they will become a parent
  • Validating your patients' thoughts and emotions while pointing out unhealthy or unproductive ones
  • Brainstorming action plans — and backup plans in the event of obstacles along the journey
  • Identifying opportunities to take action that your patients may have missed but might impact future outcomes
  • And more!




Your patients cannot beat infertility if they let every bump derail them. I help your patients develop the ability to accept the challenges of their situation, process and recover from pain more effectively, eliminate resistance to prolonged suffering, and find healthy ways to adapt and move forward.

  • Developing ways to face and tackle the challenges of their unique diagnosis and prognosis
  • Setting realistic goals and working toward them
  • Identifying ways to live their life outside of infertility
  • Learning self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness
  • And more!




It’s vital for your patients to be an active part of their fertility treatment teams. I teach your patients to voice what they need in a non-confrontational way. Most infertility warriors are not natural self-advocates and thus need help developing this skill.

  • Helping your patients realize that they have a voice — and how to use it politely but effectively
  • Identifying opportunities to speak up that they may have missed but might impact future outcomes
  • Writing example scripts and emails that they can use for the specific situation while they’re still learning to self-advocate
  • And more!




Your patients often feel isolated. They need to know that they are not alone on this journey. They need a fellow infertility warrior — not a member of your nursing staff — to support and guide them, pick up the pieces when their world is falling apart, and celebrate even their smallest wins.

Includes guidance and support in the following areas, based on personal experience and research:

  • All paths to parenthood — trying to conceive on their own, fertility treatments, donor gametes, adoption, gestational surrogacy, and living childfree
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Workplace issues
  • And more!




Although it can be an uncomfortable topic for some, your patients’ overall health and lifestyle matters on this journey. I help them optimize it to be fertility-boosting rather than fertility-hindering — a crucial aspect of beating infertility.

Includes guidance and accountability for the following lifestyles:

  • Ketogenic and intermittent fasting
  • Paleo
  • Whole30
  • Mediterranean
  • And more!

Additionally, includes workout and stress management plans.

My Results


No two infertility journeys are the same, but your patients can beat infertility faster with my support when they:

Make scientifically-based, well-informed decisions about their next steps

Build a hopeful mindset so they can seize their future, rather than have it dictated to them

Develop the ability to accept the challenges of their situation and find healthy ways to adapt⁠

Advocate for themselves with their doctors⁠

Feel relieved to have someone on their care team who has been in their shoes

Start living their lives again — liberated, knowing that infertility does not define them

Simply Put

Patient success is clinic success.

An infertility coach is the missing link between you and your patients. An infertility coach like me — whose long and difficult journey resembles that of your patients — can be an invaluable member of your patient care and support team.

As your patients are successful, your clinic will be successful.

When you refer your patients to my services — at no cost to you — you will stand out as the clinic that ensures their patients beat infertility. Faster.

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