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About you

You’re in charge of selecting and managing employee benefits. This task is becoming more critical and challenging every day because:
Your company isn’t looking to increase salaries, so where are the recruiters turning?

Right now, all eyes are on you, Benefits Manager! Now is your time to shine!

Now is your opportunity to showcase the true power that a strategic, thoughtful, and valuable benefits program can have on your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent.

With your creativity, and even in these less than ideal market conditions, you can:

How are you going to accomplish all of this?

By adding progressive perks and benefits in line with some of the most sought-after employers — think Facebook, Apple, and Starbucks.

Do you want to see YOUR benefits program compared to Facebook, Apple, and Starbucks?


Why Fertility Benefits?

The facts

1 in 8 -- both women and men -- experience infertility

Just 16 states

mandate IVF insurance coverage, but there are exceptions,
including small businesses or large corporations
that self-insure


of women would opt for a company
offering fertility benefits over a company that didn’t

Patient Attitudes Toward Their Employer When 100% Covered

"More grateful"
"More loyal"
"Stayed longer"

Source: FertilityIQ, 2019


of women would prefer an employer who
provided coverage for annual fertility

Why This Matters for You

About you

Currently, of the 1 in 8 employees battling infertility, only 29 percent feel supported by their employer overall, and 38 percent feel supported by their direct supervisor. Luckily, the situation is a little improved with co-workers, by whom 44 percent feel supported.

In other words, that hopeful Mom and Dad you have at your company — the two in green above that are suffering in silence — probably feel isolated and unsupported while working for you.

The result of these individuals not feeling supported is three-fold:

1. They leave: 30 percent have quit a job in the past in part because they did not feel supported with regard to their infertility.

2. They are actively looking for — or are open to — new job opportunities: 27 percent are looking or open because of the company overall, 29 percent because of their direct supervisor, and 20 percent of co-workers.

3. They stay, even though they are unhappy: 32 percent stay to take advantage of infertility insurance benefits.

The answer to this problem is to be one of the ever-increasing number of companies to offer — or expand your — fertility benefits. Some companies — again, like Facebook, Apple, and Starbucks — are announcing them publicly, but the list pulled together by FertilityIQ grows every year.

Would you like to tell your CEO that you offer benefits comparable to Facebook?

What Are Fertility Benefits?

what's popular

Here are some of the most common fertility benefits. If you haven’t done so already, check with your insurance broker to see what your plan covers. You might be surprised at what you find out.

Common Fertility Benefits

IVF treatments
Fertility medication
Genetic testing
Non-IVF fertility treatments
Visits with counselors
Egg harvesting or freezing

Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, 2019

If your medical insurance covers all (or some) of these benefits, congratulations! You are in a small class of caring, employee-focused employers.

However, you could further enhance your family-friendly benefits by thinking outside the insurance box and being an innovator in the benefits arena.

One ultra-competitive, incredibly-progressive, and fiscally-responsible option is infertility coaching.

This is where I come in.


About me

Once my husband and I developed our careers enough to feel financially solvent, we decided it was time to start building our family. Unfortunately, my journey to motherhood was long and traumatic.

In five years, I endured seven in vitro fertilization transfers (three fresh, four frozen), four miscarriages, and stillborn twins before finally giving birth to our daughter Aurora prematurely in January 2016.

Inspired by my own painful experience with infertility and pregnancy loss, I launched a twice weekly podcast called Beat Infertility in June 2015. The show features both infertility warriors and fertility experts to empower listeners to educate themselves and become their own self-advocates.

I now help people who dream of becoming parents to navigate the complicated world of fertility treatments and other paths to parenthood.

In other words, I help people — just like your employees — beat infertility.



As someone who spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, I know that any additional expense is not taken lightly.

However, I also know that if I had someone to guide me through the process and help me research and make evidence-based and scientifically-backed decisions along the way, my journey would have been much shorter and less traumatic — ultimately saving me money and time.

Do you know who else would have saved time and money? My employer. Here’s how:

It would be an honor and privilege to support your employees on your behalf!

This could be done in a number of ways:
With scarcely any administration required from you, apart from communicating this benefit to your employees — which I can help you with — and paying your invoice just like you do any other vendor, you could change the lives of your employees by helping them become parents faster.

My Coaching Methodology

Help your employees become parents. Faster.

Beating infertility is possible. How? By empowering your employees to take control of their care and treatment plan. Your employees can throw endless dollars at infertility, but without making the right decisions, they are still going to fail.

I help your employees advocate for themselves and make evidence-based and scientifically-backed decisions, which lead to faster fertility success. This, as opposed to blindly trusting the decisions that are often dictated to them by the for-profit businesses — ahem, the fertility clinic and insurance companies — that financially benefit from their infertility.

Do you want to help your employees become parents faster? Then you need to arm them with:




Fertility treatments meant that you had to become a nurse overnight, with zero training and no education. Get answers to questions you didn’t even know needed to be asked to help make scientifically-based, well-informed decisions about your next steps




Heather's coaching has taken me from being afraid not only that I couldn't achieve another pregnancy, but that if I did my body would not be able to safely carry it; to restoring my belief that both of those things are possible and will happen for me. She comes with such deep knowledge of the infertility journey, and she makes you feel understood and supported.

R. from Virginia

Wishing is the belief that your goal — building your family — will simply manifest into reality. Hope, on the other hand, is the belief that the future will be better than the present and you have the power to make it so. Together, I’ll help you build a hopeful mindset so you can seize your future, rather than have it dictated to you.</p><p>Includes but is not limited to:




Working with Heather has facilitated breakthroughs in my cultivating a healthier mental space, as well as in brainstorming ideas to present to my doctor. Heather helped me realize that it's important to serve and participate in all of the other aspects of my life that make me who I am, which has made me feel lighter, stronger, and more able to continue in my treatment.

L. from Arizona

You cannot beat infertility if you let every bump derail you. Develop the ability to accept the challenges of your situation, process and recover from pain more effectively, eliminate resistance to prolonged suffering, and find healthy ways to adapt and move forward.

Includes but is not limited to:




I believe that working with Heather earlier could have cut a year or two off my journey. She backed up my intuition about what my last hurdle was, suggested a specific medication for it, and I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. While that won't be the outcome for everyone, Heather is the real deal -- none of this "just think positive" BS!

K. from Illinois

Your infertility journey will change the second you understand that YOU know your body best and YOU are your most powerful advocate. Self-advocacy is voicing what you need — not confrontation. Most infertility warriors are not natural self-advocates and thus need help developing this skill.

Includes but is not limited to:




Her summative experience sets her apart from other infertility mentors. In working with Heather, you will have not only have a constant member of your infertility team who will provide emotional support and is in your corner through thick and thin, but who also helps you process information and empowers you to make changes that can improve outcomes.

S. from Michigan

You are not alone on this journey. But you need a fellow infertility warrior to support and guide you, pick up the pieces when your world is falling apart, and celebrate even your smallest wins.

Includes guidance and support in the following areas, based on personal experience and research:




Although it can be an uncomfortable topic for some, your overall health and lifestyle matters on this journey. Optimize it to be fertility-boosting rather than fertility-hindering.

Includes guidance, accountability, and meal plans for the following lifestyles:

Additionally, includes workout and stress management plans and accountability.



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