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meet Heather,
infertility survivor, coach & podcaster

Once my husband and I developed our careers enough to feel financially solvent, we decided it was time to start building our family. Unfortunately, my journey to motherhood was long and traumatic.

In five years, I endured seven in vitro fertilization transfers (three fresh, four frozen), four miscarriages, and stillborn twins before finally giving birth to our daughter Aurora prematurely in January 2016.

Inspired by my own painful experience with infertility and pregnancy loss, I launched a twice weekly podcast called Beat Infertility in June 2015. The show features both infertility warriors and fertility experts to empower listeners to educate themselves and become their own self-advocates.

I now work full-time to help women battling infertility realize their dream of becoming parents.​


What My Clients Say


what i do


Much like we say battling infertility can become a second full-time job, grasping the ins and outs seemingly requires an advanced degree. I’ll help you better understand your body and the process, so you feel informed and back in control in no time.


You don’t have to come to me full of hope and positive energy about the future of your infertility journey. In fact, I wouldn’t expect it. While I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to actual gardening, I can help you plant the seed of hope and nurture it over time.


During the winter, when tree branches take on too much snow, they gently bend without breaking to let go of the weight. Over time, nature has learned how to adapt — and so, too, can you. Together, we can tackle whatever your infertility journey throws your way.


I wasn’t successful until I realized I had a voice — and learned how to use it. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t until the cycle of my seventh transfer. Luckily for you, I can help you find your voice and figure out how to best wield it.


I’m here to provide you answers to the questions you have — and the ones you don’t even know to ask. I’m here to help pick up the pieces when it feels like your world is falling apart — and celebrate even your smallest wins. Simply put, I’m here — every step of the way.

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