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live birth

Started trying to conceive

November 2011

May 2012

Miscarriage #1

Started tracking BBT/charting

September 2012

October 2012

Miscarriage #2 (ectopic)

First appointment with first fertility clinic

November 2012

January 2013

Laparoscopy to remove endometriosis and open blocked tube

First appointment with second fertility clinic

May 2013

June 2013

IUI #1 (canceled)

IUI #2 (canceled)

July 2013

September 2013

IVF #1 (transferred 2 fresh embryos; positive beta; 4 untested embryos)

Alexis and Eric stillborn at 21 weeks due to incompetent cervix and premature labor

January 2014

April 2014

Transabdominal cerclage surgery to prevent incompetent cervix in the future

FET #1 (transferred 1 embryo; negative beta)

June 2014

August 2014

FET #2 (transferred 1 embryo; negative beta)

FET #3 (transferred 1 embryo; miscarriage #3)

October 2014

December 2014

FET #4 (transferred 1 embryo; positive beta)

Miscarriage #4 (D&C at 9 weeks on first anniversary of the stillbirth)

January 2015

April 2015

IVF #2 (transferred 1 -- and only -- fresh embryo; negative beta)

IVF #3 (transferred 1 embryo; positive beta; 4 PGT normal embryos frozen)

June 2015

January 2016

Aurora born at 33 weeks via emergency C-section weighing only 6 lbs 3 oz

Met with RE to discuss baby #2/FET #5 but hormone levels were insufficient to proceed

January 2018

November 2018

Began following the ketogenic lifestyle in hopes of regulating my hormones

Met with RE again to discuss baby #2/FET #5 (AFC up to 25 from 9 and AMH up to 3.6 from 1.1)

January 2019

March 2019

Completed an endometrial receptivity assay (ERA); I need 148 hours of progesterone prior to a FET, not the 116 hours I had received in the past

FET #5 planned but canceled due to PTSD

July 2019

March 2020

FET #5 planned but canceled due to COVID

Met with RE again to discuss baby #2/FET #5 (told we need a surrogate)

February 2022

April 2022

Found a surrogate

Surrogate backed out due to a medical issue

June 2022

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

A Realist

Your feelings are valid. Although no one should stay in the dark place for too long, I'll make that journey with you -- and help you find your way back out. No 'just think positive.'

Excellent Listener

Whether it's during our one-on-one sessions or via text messages while you hide in the bathroom at work, I am here to listen to your hopes and fears about building your family.

A Researcher

In addition to being naturally curious, I love getting down into the nitty-gritty of individuals' unique infertility journeys -- and the questions still left unanswered.

No B.S.

Although I wish I could promise you a quick and successful pregnancy, alas, I cannot. But I can promise you no B.S. Our relationship will be one of kindness, honesty, and transparency.